Tuesday, May 12, 2015

6KCBWDAY2-It's All About You

This post is all about me!!! Here are 10 things that I thought I would share!

1. I have been married for almost 18 years and am mom to 3 kids. My username online (momofpeg) is for the first letters of their names Parker, Emma and Gabi.
2. I first learned to crochet after the death of my Mema. She could knit and crochet and I was the family member that received all of her hooks and needles. After learning the basics, I then taught myself to knit because I couldnt read crochet patterns at the time. With the help of some online friends, I have learned how to crochet using a pattern. Two years ago I bought a spinning wheel (a Kromski Fantasia that I named Luna)
3. I love many nerdy things that my husband and kids dont understand. My biggest love is Harry Potter. I even play a Ravelry version of Hogwarts called the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup. Come join us if you are also a fan!
4. My other hobbies include reading, cross stitch and baking
5. My degree in college was Child and Family Services. After having my first child, I decided to stay at home and do childcare. I have been doing this for the past 15 years. The best part of my job is nap time that I get about 2 hours to myself that I can craft. Most jobs wouldnt have this benefit!
6. About a year ago I joined a wonderful gym and go to kickboxing 3 times a week. I love it so much (I would have to in order to get up at 4 am) I think it is the best thing that I have done for myself
7. I drink more coffee than water on most given days
8. My favorite color is green
9. My goal for this year is to learn how to use a sewing machine. I also received my Memas sewing machine when she died. It has been my goal for years to use it and give it the love it deserves
10. My dream would be to live on a farm and have a few alpaca


  1. And this is why we're friends... so much nerdiness in common... lol.

  2. I want to learn how to use my sewing machine too :)

  3. What a great post. I'm a big Harry Potter fan too and am part of the Harry Potter Lovers group on Ravelry. I agree - wouldn't it be great to live on a farm with a few alpacas? Then you could spin your own yarn :)